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Hotel Pyrgos of Mystra: Rooms & Facilities



Every room is a distinct, impressive stage design. Through the precious fabrics and colours selected for the interior decoration, memories from the historical past of the land come alive. At the same time, the natural features of Mount Taygetos invade the mansion, playing elegant, graceful games on the walls and ceilings. Luxury, comfort and snugness, all coexist in total harmony..

  • The most up-to-date comforts, for a journey of unforgettable pleasure.
  • Every room is equipped with a private bathroom, Satellite TV, mini bar, internet connection and air conditioning.


The escape starts in the morning. Freshly squeezed fruit juices, rich aromatic coffee, freshly baked bread, jams from the garden's own fruit, home made pies straight from the oven, as well as many other delicacies made from local produce make up the hearty breakfast that awaits the visitor when the sun comes out.

In the same area, evenings are dressed with precious musical notes, sounds from the fireplace and playful shadows from the candles, to compose the perfect backdrop for a glass of wine from the owners' impressive collection.

  • Single room

    The pomegranate tree, full of juices, promises fertility.
  • Double room

    A light breeze rustles the plane tree leaves.
  • Triple room

    Swallows joyfully chatter away.
  • Junior Suite

    Pliant olive branches take vows of absolute peace.
  • Suite

    A bunch of fragrant, local wild flowers bends under a nightingale's weight.




Under the candelabras, imagination travels…



The eye is lost on Sparta's fertile plains…


Orange grove

Heaven is here……